Fashion Week and Fashion Shows

With designers like Residence of Holland and Vivienne Westwood doing an look we can get a sneaky peak to know what is for keeps in our wardrobe this yr. Time and time once more on the catwalk we are seeing tailored and feminine fashion. Not very the shoulder pads of the 80’that have been common a short while ago but sensible tailoring is absolutely right here in a major way. Whether it is a tiny jacket with tailored trousers or a tailored shift dress that accentuates the waist the glimpse is clever and refined. If you have a button shirt for instance get it all the way up to the best button to really get the seem. If you want to include a tiny bit of color to the smart tailored appear you can simply include a tiny scarf tied all around the neck. This was witnessed a lot of times on the catwalk with designers this kind of as Vivienne Westwood. Select a very simple properly fitted dress that comes to the knee and group it with a brightly colored square scarf that is folded in fifty percent and tied round the neck. This search is so exquisite and is finest worn to an elegant restaurant or out for lunch with the ladies. Tween, an up and coming trend title from Istanbul also demonstrated the elegance of the woolen scarf when made use of by males, and for this winter season when teamed with a very well fitted coat the scarf for guys can seem innovative and attractive. The look he is to use darker muted colours and wrap the scarf a lot of times round the neck, so you just get a collar effect devoid of the ends hanging down. This can either be worn on your own or teamed with a matching woolen hat. The scarf is 1 style accessory that is certainly not left out on the catwalk. The highlight of the style conscious calendar is quickly approaching, as Trend Week is about to hit New York City. For the first time because 1993, this style spectacle will be taking spot in a brand name new venue. On September the 9th, the Lincoln Center, positioned on the upper west side, will be opening its doors to the most fashionable and influential audience in the fashion marketplace. With the popularity of staying household to the City’s most affluent, cultural and creative inhabitants, the upper west aspect will be the excellent spot for New York’s most prestigious fashion occasion. New York Style Week had been exhibiting at Bryant Park for the very last 17 decades and quite a few designers had subsequently settled into offices and showrooms close-by, for that reason unsurprisingly there was outrage amongst the designers who felt place out at the prospect of having to ferry their assortment even more uptown. Although the tents have develop into an iconic symbol of the famed event, the new venue is set to mark the dawn of a new era. The new and larger spot will permit the celebration to welcome further fresh new talent to the exhibits, as perfectly as enabling for improved use of engineering. For instance, guests will now have the power to look at by themselves in to the fashion shows by employing bar code scanners and kiosks.

Spring Fashions and Trends: New York Fashion Week

Every season, a seemingly new fashion trend emerges and women everywhere jump at the chance to grab the style and make it their own. But many of these designs have been recycled through the years, which can be very helpful if you have an older relative or friend who saved all of her fringed coats or spandex leggings. This season is no different. Influential fashion designers have finalized what they believe will be in style this spring. A pinnacle in the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week is such a hot spot because it’s there that trends are released in all their stylish glory. This season’s trends include a mix of modernly futuristic to conservatively classy. If these looks don’t seem right for you, take a look at your own fashion icons. At the moment, Lady Gaga is on top of the pop charts. But she’s also a fashion pioneer. Here are just a few trends that experts have predicted to be in this spring. You can take any trend and mold it to become your own. Be yourself, and make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. 1. Watercolor Prints – These soft-colored, paint-like prints are taking the place of bold, animal prints this spring. Expect to find them on dresses and blouses. Try a dreamy purple-based print on a dress, and make sure to accessorize in a major way. Either with over-sized sunglasses or a big hat, you want to give these prints a modern flare. Chunky necklaces and bangles will dress the print up too. 2. Hair Bows – No, we’re not joking. These child-like, jumbo bows look great in messy hair. While you don’t need to get one of the massive bows that Lady Gaga wears so often, a smaller one is a great accessory for a simple outfit. Try it at a cocktail party, with a little black dress and some daring eye shadow. 3. Metallics – Disco fever infected many designers at New York Fashion Week. Runways were in no short supply of bling, as models donned many shining pieces. But you don’t need to go overboard with metallics. Try tucking in a chic black blouse into a shiny gold skirt. Plop on some gold jewelry and your favorite black pumps, and you have a perfect cocktail party outfit. 4. Flat Sandals – For those of you who dread wearing high heels, this one’s for you. Many designers chose to put their models in low footwear , helping those of us who get a little jittery at the thought of hard-to-walk-in shoes. Paint your toe nails, for a more fun look. 5. Neutral Tones – Forget the bright colors this spring, and settle into nude tones, like peaches, creams and off-whites. A neutral-toned dress gives off a clean look, and can be matched with a sleek ponytail. Match your makeup in a natural-looking way. 6. One-Shoulder Dresses – These dresses shouldn’t be too form-fitting; asymmetry is what this look is all about. Depending on the print of the dress, you can rock it out or make it as classy as can be. Find a print that’s right for you, and make sure to get a correctly-fitting bra. 7. Square Sunglasses – Last summer, it was all about massive, circular frames. But these futuristic sunglasses are about to be hot once the weather gets a little warmer. These frames can be worn at all times, but especially out at the beach. 8. Boyfriend Blazers – Traditionally male looks are all the rage for women, especially blazers and vests. This look can be worn in so many ways: long and loose for a lunch date, belted for a night on the town, fitting and black for work. You can also pack on colorful layers for a more trendy look.

Fashion Trends for Jewelry

A continuing trend that drives designer�s picks for fashion colors is the consumers� drive for individuality, fashion, and escapism. People in the market are looking for jewelry that will make them more fashionable. Sometimes people can go for a more adventurous and daring piece of jewelry, and sometimes people can accessorize with subtle jewelry. Whatever the choice is for the day, no one can go wrong with putting on some few fabulous jewels.

If one wants to pull out an adventurous look, luckily the latest industry predictions for Spring 2011 show that designers have opted for colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum. This spring is in it for vivid, bright, and lively colors. So how can anyone go wrong throwing on a amethyst ring, or a aquamarine one. Even a black diamond ring can throw off anyone�s outfit. Colors are in for this spring. Citrine earrings, blue topaz earrings, aquamarine earrings, pink sapphires, and smoky topaz earrings can really brighten up your wardrobe, and you will definitely fall into this seasons latest trend. Gems are also always enriched with deep and vivid colors, and at CoutureLineX all of these mentioned colors and jewelry are available. Remember bright colors are going to make you pop, and there is no problem looking dazzling this spring.

Another popular trend this season, are the neutral colors that play the backbone for all other colors to play on. These nude hues leave an honest vibe that makes anyone relaxed, calm, and approachable. Even gold is trending in this style. Any type of gold chain, ring, or earrings, can give someone a relaxed style, and also look very trendy for this season. Smoky Topaz earrings would be a great example to following this trend, and can be viewed at CoutureLineX. This light brown gives a haze to one�s look, looking fresh and ready for spring! You can also mix up your look with a garnet and diamond mixed earring, giving you a fresh look, which is parallel to the neutral colors giving off this season.

Going for a subtler look? No one can go wrong having a white diamond ring. A regular diamond can give off your presence in a classy and even a flirtatious way. If diamonds are not your thing, throw on a classic pearl necklace. Every one should have at least one pearl necklace in their jewelry box. Having a simple necklace around your neck won�t do you wrong either.

When Is It Worth Investing In Designer Fashion?

When it comes to designer clothing there are two types of people�the first are women who simply think it�s not worth the money and the other is women who adore designer fashion with many women just not able to afford spending so much money on one piece of clothing but others having the luxury of being able to splurge and wouldn�t be seen dead in high street clothing.

Despite these two opposites, more and more women are having an increased amount of disposable income as they become more affluent and independent, and every now and then are able to treat themselves to something with a bigger price tag and believe they deserve to splash the cash when they feel the need.

As designer fashion is rather expensive, most women can�t afford to have a wardrobe full of couture pieces but a sensible shopper can have a few key pieces in their wardrobe as long as they can justify the price spent on them. If you�re used to high street shopping and checking price tags then designer clothing can be rather intimidating. The key to designer fashion shopping is to know what you�re looking for and when you should spend your money to get the most designer clothing for your budget.


This probably the most important thing to remember with designer clothing; always buy with versatility in mind. Make sure it�s a good addition to your wardrobe and won�t age easily, otherwise you won�t get much wear out of it.

Charity shops

If you love the idea of designer clothing but not the price tag why not check out charity shops? There are some amazing bargains to be found and some charities even have shops specifically for designer pieces, and what�s more is that you�ll also be giving to charity! It�s best head to a city to find the best bits though in areas where young and hip people hang out.


It�s so easy to change your look with some fashion accessories like a bag, jewellery or a scarf. When buying designer accessories only choose an item that you�ve really fallen for and that will really make a different. Accessories are so cheap on the high street so make this one area that you really think about.

Little black dress

Every woman needs an LBD in her wardrobe; it�s so easy to wear for all occasions and will definitely be your fallback piece. This fashion classic is a good excuse to go designer because it�s one item that will never date and will always be needed. Go smart with it in the office and glam it up with some killer heels for a night on the town.

Signature pieces

If you�re thinking along the lines of getting the most for your money and the long term investment then it�s a good idea to buy a signature piece of designer clothing. Many designers produce key pieces and if you invest in one of these then you�ll be able to sell it on in the future. But don�t buy something for the sake of it; you really need to like it as well.

So those are the items of designer pieces you should look out for and consider buying if you�re looking to add designer clothing to your wardrobe, but, as you would expect there are also lots of things you should avoid buying. It�s important not to get addicted to buying designer fashion and to always stick to your budget. Don�t buy fashion trends and fads from designer names, stick to the high street for this because they�ll most likely have gone out of fashion within a few months and it�ll be a waste of money.

Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2011 2012 Paris Fashion Week

Last night was the turn of Alexander McQueen collection to take to the runway at Paris Fashion Week. It was Sarah Burton’s second collection as head designer at Alexander McQueen. Putting the royal wedding rumours aside that Kate Middleton will be wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, this collection was our favourite collection at Paris Fashion Week.

The Autumn Winter 2011 2012 Ready To Wear collection runway took place at La Conciergerie, which was also used for Alexander McQueen’s Autumn Winter 2002 ‘Supercalifragilistic’ show. Sarah Burton reflected in the collection Alexander McQueen love of dark and light however it was the white gowns that were truely stunning adorned with heavy texture and feather and lace details. The collectional included fitted pencil dresses, hand embroidered structured bodices, mid length and long skirts and 500 metres of hand pleated chiffon forming the train of the exquisite ‘wedding dress’. The wedding dress nearly didn’t make it down the catwalk, after the model had a problem with the six-inch platform shoes.
The shoes at Alexander McQueens Autumn Winter 2011 2012 catwalk had hardwearing features including metal structured panels and studded detailing. All the shoes were uber high weather they were wedges or high heel ankle boots.

Rumour has it that Sarah Burton – Head Designer of Alexander McQueen has been chosen to design the Princess to be wedding dress. Although both Clarence House and Alexander McQueen label have both denied such claims it can’t help but get your imagination going – How perfectly pretty for a princess would such a dress be! It is thought that Kate Middleton chose the designer after falling in love with a gown made for the 2005 wedding of Sara Buys to Prince Williams step brother Tom Parker Bowles.

Sarah Burton was Alexander McQueen’s go to woman and her femininity and softness made sure that some of McQueen’s more outlandish designs were wearable for real women. Having designed and dressed the likes of Lady GaGa aswell what could be expected from this designer god? If Sarah Burton has indeed landed the most prestigious designing gig of the century what will be in store for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?

Sarah Burton has taken the McQueen woman from a dark and un-approachable fashion warrior into a softer more cherished form which opens up an enormous amount of possibility for the design of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. If Sarah Burton is indeed designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress under the Alexander McQueen label we know it’ll be a dress that will be celebrated for years to come and look fantastic on any type of Royal memorabilia that will be made.

Top 5 Collections At Paris Fashion Week

Phoebe Philo’s collection for Celine incorporated minimalism, craft, sportswear and inspirations from automotive interiors with streamline cuts. The overal simplicity of this collection caught our eye. Trousers played an important roll in this Autumn Winter collection which was refreshing. Two toned troousers were a favourite which used both tweed and leather fabrics. Celine Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection could show the return of the polo neck. The chevron stripe jumper gave a true statement to what the collection was about, laidback sophistication. The use of panels within the construction of pieces complimented the block colour trends that came from London Fashion Week this season. Panelling in shirts to the panelled cream leather dress showed this collection complimented the figure.
Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection was all about making a statement. Not necessarily of outlandish fashion but more of a statement of society. Jean Paul Gaultier collection at Paris Fashion Week included a witty take on age, Jean Paul Gaultier stated, “how to look young – without Botox”. Models were styled with grey wigs that had been backcombed and given exaggerated French pleat styles. Before his show in Paris on Saturday Jean Paul Gaultier evaluated his collection, “no corsets, no flesh! It’s quite ladylike. I can’t believe it”. Here at Kindred Sole we love the grown up elegance of Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection but love even more how a theatrical style was involved including models stripping off layers of clothing, leaving a pile at the end of the runway. The collection embraced Parisian chic with the use of prints, trouser suits and belted trench coats. The tailoring at Jean Paul Gaultier was so chic and with pieces including pussy cat bow blouses and tweed skirts and jackets, the collection was wearable.
Vivienne Westwood is a name synonymous with fashion. Her shows are guaranteed to get people talking as a statement is always at the heart of the collection. Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection at Paris Fashion Week encapsulated a ‘Woman as Warrior’ theme. “I can’t keep banging on about climate change, so I decided to express my thoughts about the planet through strong women, and the fact women are the guardians of culture,” said Dame Vivienne Westwood after her show. Her inspirations from around the world were captivating. Prints and patterns created the fabulous looks of the show including batik prints, country florals, pinstripes and British plaids. The statement making geometric prints balanced with Victorian blouses with puff sleeves meant a balance between warrior and femininity. The tousled hair styled with face paint complimented the collection.
The dark colours at Lanvin were luxurious and chic. Jewel hued tones for evening gowns were fabulous accents for Lanvin Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection. We were captivated by the wide brimmed hats and structured dresses, skirts and capes within the first set of the collection. The sternness style of the collection was mystifying. The show progressed to include black and white large floral print dresses (we love!) and draped evening dresses which are designer Alber Elbaz’s signature style. The final set included brighter colours which created dresses with volume.
Christian Dior’s Paris Fashion Week show began with a moving speech from Dior president, Sidney Toledano. This was following the dismissal of designer John Galliano amid anti-Semitic remarks made. Due to these circumstances there was tight security and a heavy police presence. The disgraced British designer was absent from the show. Christian Dior’s Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection included 62 models and seemed to reveal an overal look back on Dior’s previous seasons. The collection was ultra feminine. Fabrics were either sheer, appliqued or included features or fabric manipulation. An influence of lingerie was apparent with floaty silhouettes and frilly bloomers. The colour’s within the collection were perfect for Autumn with burgundy, black and emerald green colour tones being used.

Hiring the Most Popular Types of Headwear Online

GenuineByAnthony_BlackFloralSnapback2Snapback hats are some of the most popular types of headwear worn these days, especially since they are easy to adjust. The structured crown of these hats makes them suit almost any face shape. If you want to buy something that is sure to be used by others and that which is cheap, then you should consider picking up snapback hats through online store.

Houston-based brand Genuine by Anthony is getting its followers prepped for 2016′s warm weather with its latest lookbook for the spring and summer seasons. The relatively young line was founded in 2011 and hosts a selection of necessities within this lookbook, such as its main floral snapbacks. Additionally, the headwear is complemented by other pieces such as t-shirts, shorts, pants and accessories too. Take a look at the Instagram and find some of the pieces above and let us know your thoughts.

It is always difficult to think of any other product that is as inexpensive as snapback hats and something that everyone can use up. Even if you pick up the cheapest snapbacks available they will still be better than other alternatives you could think of. After all, many feel that there is always room for the new ones as it offers outstanding structured fittings and irresistible versatility.

You’ll need to ensure that your giveaways are customized to suit your requirements. They will need to feature your company’s logo or even details of the particular event you are promoting. They should also incorporate the colors that are associated with your company or product. This branding will ensure that you get the perfect visibility in the market that you are looking for. This can easily be achieved by providing the manufacturing company with detailed specifications.

You might need the logo or another design to be embroidered on certain parts of the snapback hats. You might also need screen printing or digital printing done on the hat in order to customize it. When it comes to materials you could choose between a wool blend and classic twill. Wool will obviously cost more money. You might even be able to get them in polyester. Make sure that the hats you order suit the image of your company else you will not benefit from them.

Layering Necklaces

We love layers of sparkly statement necklaces, but when piling on the bling we’re confronted with the question: “How much is too much?” Enter very stylish Shahrnaz Shifteh. From casual curb chains to posh pearls, she’ll show you how to confidently layer your baubles for any occasion. We say, bling it on!

Dramatic Draping

To amp up the drama, layer two statement necklaces with similar characteristics. “Both of these necklaces are gold, feature similar gems and have circular baubles, so when worn together, they almost look like one necklace,” explained Shifteh. If you go bold with your necklaces, keep your other jewels to a minimum to avoid overdoing it.

Camouflaged Collar

Statement necklaces don’t always have to stand out. “This necklace isn’t too loud and blends into the pattern nicely, which makes the look work-appropriate,” explained Shifteh. If you don’t work in bauble-friendly office, keep a statement necklace handy for when you need to quickly upgrade your look. “A statement necklace is an easy way to take a look from day to night for an after work happy hour,” offered Shifteh.

Pearls Perfected

“Pearls tend to be under appreciated. Most people don’t think about layering them — instead, they think of a country club or Madonna,” said Shifteh. However, there are a number of ways you can layer pearls without looking like you stepped off the set of “Like A Virgin,” as Shifteh demonstrates here. For an elegant look, play up the classic pairing of black and white by wearing a single strand of pearls with a black statement necklace.

Casual Chic

Statement necklaces don’t make a look any less casual, as Shifteh exemplifies here. The trick is to layer necklaces in colors that complement the shirt you’re wearing. The blue skull necklace and the green gem necklace Shifteh is wearing blend well with her plaid shirt. “As funky necklaces have become more on-trend, people tend to button all the way to the top so all attention is on the necklace,” said Shifteh. “Buttoning to the top makes for a clean look, especially with a necklace that lays right on the collar.”

Graphic and Gold

Lustrous pearls and curb chain links make for an unexpectedly posh combination. “A multi-strand pearl necklace with a feminine bow detail balances out the industrial chain links,” explained Shifteh. Gilded script is on-trend and allows you to express your mood in a completely chic way, and, when paired with pearls, the result is sweet and sophisticated.


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London Fashion Week: Runway Report 4

Do not be fooled by the artsy crafty, slightly homespun element to the Burberry show, with its bohemian carpet bags and thistle pattern ponchos. Those sheepskin coats and silk or nubuck trenches covered in flowers, stems, circles and scribbles are hand-painted and will be handmade to order. The painted sheepskin trench, now available to buy on Burberry’s website is 6,000, making this a luxury take on the bohemian look.

It was a pretty show – with Paloma Faith singing live – and the swirly, painterly patterns were inspired by Charleston, the country retreat and meeting place of the Bloomsbury set (the show marks the start of a partnership between Burberry and Charleston to help protect the house). Delicate silk tea dresses with vintage, washed-out florals, and brushstroke flourishes worn with long trailing scarves were clothes for idly lounging around the country pile reading poetry. And when the rooms get a bit draughty, wrap up in a geometrically patterned blanket coat or poncho, personalised with your initials. (Or your family crest). And then there is Burberry’s key autumn/winter bag The Bloomsbury, a deep tote which comes in different finishes inspired by rugs, from geometric tufted velvet to flat weave rug combined with check.

Christopher Kane showed his first line of handbags at his show, clearly the kind of brand building development that follows when Kering buys a 51 per cent stake in your label as the company did last year. They will be banking on designs such as a black leather shopper with a neon green stripe and a small box bag in the same colourway, as a future money spinner. Mr Kane said the starting point for the collection was the protective shoe covers worn in hospitals (and, actually by people keeping fashion catwalks smudge-free) and black, heeled shoes came with what looked like scrunched-up shoe covers or bits of bin liner on top of the foot.

In some designer’s hands, this would be a most unpromising start to a collection, but Mr Kane managed to elevate bunched black nylon into a fabric that did not look out of place on evening dresses. Thus a straight black shift dress with short sleeves came with ruched nylon across the hem and bust, while another featured it milkmaid/Heidi style across the bust. Black nylon also appeared on parkas, blended into techno lace, and on evening dresses worn with mink coats or even trimmed with mink.

Mr Kane does not seem like a man who suffers designer’s block, as the show was overflowing with ideas; from oversized mannish tailored suits and coats in black and dark brown (the show was very black with flashes of neon green and pink) to pink, black and white shirt dresses with square leaves of silk on the front, fanned like the leaves of a book. Fellow Scot Kirsty Wark was on the front row, raising the interesting possibility of seeing her in a ruched anorak dress on Newsnight.

If Mr Kane’s collection went heavy on the black, in an industrial way, Erdem’s use of black was more about grandeur and mystery. €Infanta mean girls€ was how Erdem Moralioglu described his woman this season, as he reeled off a list of eclectic inspirations from Velzquez paintings of infantas, old clothes stored in Blyth House where the V&A’s fashion collection is stored, stomachers and the steel underneath them, the Romanovs, and the idea of escape, €stiff shapes on young bodies€ and ’60s It girls.

The narratives behind Erdem’s shows might not stand up to the scrutiny of a literary critic, but as a visual story this one made perfect sense. Grand fabrics and flourishes were made wearable for young, stylish girls outside of a 16th-century Spanish court.

Erdem’s collection focused on his signature evening coats and dresses, and the show began with little black dresses in laser cut black velvet: across the bodice and sleeves or just a touch at the hem, as well as a laser-cut black velvet cloak with high-neck ending in pie-crust frills. This was an opulent collection, with fabrics such as mustard and pale blue floral jacquard silk woven in England and inspired by botanist prints in the V&A, which appeared on short dresses, with long sleeves, or dresses which were strapless or designed to look like a top and skirt.

Evening coats came in metallic blue brocade, with wide sleeves and tailored lapels, with semi-detached jewelled cuffs, and in white shearling with jewel embellishment. It was a strong collection, showing that Erdem is successfully adding edge to his aesthetic, and as most of the dresses were knee-length this could be the go-to label for anyone who wants to avoid the maxi next autumn/winter.

Embellishment was a popular theme on Monday, with Roksanda Ilincic and Peter Pilotto both using fun, poppy beads and decoration as opposed to opulent looking crystals or disco sequins. Ms Ilincic covered calf-length dresses in multicoloured plastic shapes which looked like something from the craft table at a primary school, in a collection that featured dresses with plain bodices and calf-length circle or straight skirts in blocked and patchworked shades of wine, cobalt, baby blue, orange and cream.

Ms Ilincic’s collection was aimed at women who are not afraid of colour – as was Antonio Berardi’s bold pairing of a magenta-cropped jacket with half-moon shaped sleeves with bright green trousers, or a floor-length jade green silk evening dress with high-neck, embellished d©colletage and voluminous sleeves.

Meanwhile, Peter Pilotto added hand beading in crazy zigzag and cluster patterns to sportswear-inspired tops and skirts, straight dresses and drop-shoulder coats. Sleek knitted coats in graphically patterned, colourful jacquards were a high point of a collection that showed there is more to Peter Pilotto than prints (although dresses depicting mountain scenes were included).

On a more unusual note, the Giles show featured a black satin ball dress covered in large, white satin 3D beetles, while a glam rock vibe informed the rest of the show with leather jackets and trousers with motocross quilting, satin bombers and models in platform brothel creepers.

By contrast with the plays on decoration and texture across much of London Fashion Week, Tom Ford was generally keeping surfaces as unembellished and smooth as silk (or cashmere). In an unexpected move, lines were clean, and silhouettes covered up, with straight, high-neck velvet maxi dresses in red and black, and high-neck laced ’60s-style tunic tops in black wool and cashmere worn with pencil skirts. Even the head was covered on many looks thanks to cashmere knits with streamlined hoods.

With laser-cut fox fur coats dyed red and purple, these were clothes for women with no qualms about wearing their wealth on their sleeves. Top fashion trivia marks go to anyone who identified the sequinned football jersey dresses in red and black emblazoned with the words Tom Ford 61 as a luxe version of the top Jay Z wears when he performs his song €Tom Ford€.